aaa replica designer handbags That’s why I’m going to be raising awareness of your rights (and highlighting dodgy service) over the next month as we tackle parking problems head on.First up, private parking fees.These aren’t penalty charge or fixed penalty notices, (official charges from the police or council) despite what they might look like. They’re actually invoices for breaking parking rules on private land, like a supermarket or even a hospital.Millions of parking tickets ILLEGAL how to get yours cancelledEven though these tickets aren’t fines, you’re still being billed for a breach of contract.What’s that, I hear you say, you never signed a contract?! Well, when you park on private land, you should see a sign that clearly sets out the rules. By parking there you agree to those rules, so if you overstay, the firm can charge you for the privilege.The biggest problem with private parking charges is the fact that people get so angry about them that they ignore the ticket, rip it up (a bad idea) or decide they’re going to appeal but forget.You can fight parking fees and we can help you at Resolver but it’s important that you don’t delay.Should I pay the fine? As a general rule, it can be hard to get your money back once you’ve paid, so bear that in mind if you make a complaint.But if you don’t pay, speak to the company as soon as possible. aaa replica designer handbags

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