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Recruitment & Training

On the job training is primarily the task of the site supervisor/manager. Piquant Security’s full-time instructor assists the site supervisor/manager. On-The-Job-Training-Unit instructors must visit each contract site regularly. and must deliver training on site, according to contract specification, job descriptions or client requirements. If problems are encountered, training frequency is increased until the problem is solved. Open two-way communication between Client, senior personnel and ground level officers ensures a swift viable solution to all security stumbling blocks.

The client may at any time request to see the PSIRA credentials of the officer posted on his site, as we at Piquant Security ensure that all of our officers are professionally trained and PSIRA registered. Piquant Security also likes to follow a policy whereby we rotate our officers periodically to ensure work excellence.

Please note a detailed list of the various security grading’s is available, this will also ensure that you are made aware of the security officer’s capabilities and enable you to choose your required service accordingly.