Designer Fake Bags A plan to turn the Dairy Queen headquarters, which will soon have a lot of space, and surrounding 12 acres of land in Edina into a multifamily housing development was rejected this week by city officials.Developer Lake West Development LLC had proposed for the building, located at 7505 Metro Boulevard, and the rest of the surrounding area to be the site of potentially more than 600 housing units. The first phase was supposed to include the existing Dairy Queen office building, which would have been used for 135 units of affordable housing apartments, and a new 150 unit building. Future phases could have included remodeling an existing office building and construction of two other buildings.Overall, there would have been about 50 units of housing per acre with 27 to 33 percent of the units dedicated as affordable housing.Lake West had requested an amendment to the Edina Comprehensive Plan to allow the area that has been designated for offices to also have residential development. Designer Fake Bags

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