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Effective teams recognise that disagreement and difference of opinion is healthy and they deal with it in a safe and supportive manner. Conflict isn’t necessarily scary, it is the behaviour people usually associate with conflict and the resulting outcomes that people fear. As the leader you can role model constructive ways to get issues on the table.

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Celine Replica And you are right about no one knowing everything about the horse, but that is with everything. There is always something to learn. 30 years from now we will know so much more about horses then we do now. Over the course of the stories he would have Iron Fist question how to be a hero, asking himself such realistic questions as what does a superhero do with his civilian clothes when he changes into costume. He also was very strong in developing Misty Knight and Colleen Wing over the course of the series, with Misty growing into the role of Iron Fist’s girlfriend in a mature and realistic way over time. Claremont would later gain acclaim for creating strong females in his X Men stories as well Celine Replica.

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