duchess frustrated that her ideas keep being rejected

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July 24, 2018. An alliance of 18 city councils in Victoria announce a campaign to force pokies reform as an issue at the state election. Launched by Tim Costello, and joind by mayors form Darebin, Dandenong, Moreland, Hume, and others, the campaign wants to limit bets to $1 and venues to operating for 14 hours a day.

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1 points submitted 1 month agoYour mileage may vary? I mean, I am sorry if you gotten shorten end of the stick, there are people that enjoyed the game very much. You have every right as a consumer to complain and cry about it, but not everyone had your terrible experience, I very well hoped you had mine.I played just fine, defers from server to server, zones to zones. I mean RIP NA Scania, you should just do chargeback if you spent money.

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