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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags With former African Union (AU) Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma back in the country, and available, the impending Cabinet reshuffle should start in earnest.The interesting aspect of how we do reshuffles in South Africa is that the president does not have to account for why he is reshuffling in the first place.Or to explain why he (it been all men so far) is moving ministers around like he is.Former president Thabo ysl kate replica Mbeki was not inclined to dabble in reshuffles and did just one in a 10 year period. President Jacob Zuma has already reshuffled three times.Because he does not give reasons, media and political analysts have commented that Zuma shuffles his decks just to keep everyone on their toes, not knowing what he would do next.The other reason given is that, because his political allegiances have changed so much, he constantly needs to update his Cabinet ysl replica bags china to accommodate new friends and discard fresh enemies.Zuma has consistently sent the message that Cabinet appointments are his and his alone, and he does not like to be second guessed.He views Cabinet appointments as his prerogative, as his rancour about being forced to reverse the appointment of Des van Rooyen as finance minister after four days illustrated.But last year, the SA Communist Party said it had intelligence that this was what Zuma was planning and that some of its members in Cabinet would be casualties.The likes of Thulas Nxesi, Blade Nzimande and Jeremy Cronin have, after years of elevating and venerating him, turned against him.When rumours of a reshuffle started last year, a person close to the president told me it was in fact Nzimande who was responsible for spreading the rumour and sowing panic unnecessarily.But the suspicion that Zuma was moving towards a reshuffle gained ground after former Eskom chief executive officer Brian Molefe was sworn in to Parliament.The desperation with which the North West ANC springboarded him to Parliament suggested that he was going there for a higher purpose than the back bench.It is hard to imagine that Molefe, who used to earn more than R6m per year at Eskom, would leave his lifestyle in Gauteng to go and settle in Cape Town for a salary of just R1 million.Molefe got a salary of R6.97m and a bonus of R2.47m in the 2016 financial year.This the strongest indication ysl false lash mascara that something is in the offing.Secondly, the hyped up celebrations at OR Tambo International Airport on Wednesday to welcome Dlamini Zuma were notable.Government officials had said a month ago when the reshuffle speculation was at its peak, that those rumours could not be true because Dlamini Zuma was still tied to the AU.But dynamics have changed. It is hard to imagine that the finance minister or his deputy could be removed or shuffled around without touching Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.Although the sentiment was that she should be fired, Parliament decided it did not have the powers to instruct Zuma what to do.Zuma would also have to reckon with the position of his close ally, Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini, who can no longer justify her Cabinet position after her incredible bungling of the contract relating to the payment of social grants.. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

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