Piquant Security


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We believe that the services we provide can only be as good as the personnel who provide it. With this philosophy in mind, we ensure our prospective guards have impeccable employment records, go through extensive selection processes and comprehensive training.

Armed Response


Trained and motivated Armed Reaction has become an essential part of any security program.

Untrained persons cannot apprehend present-day criminals and therefore a continuous training program ensures that Piquant Security’s Reaction Officers are qualified to deal effectively with emergency situations. Our Reaction Officers undergo a three-month training program to ensure that they are in top form, this is physically and mentally.

Riot Control


Riot control is an effective way to subdue individual who are involved in an unlawful riot, protest or demonstration that is capable of causing harm to other individual and damage to property. At Piquant Security, we strive to provide the best possible solutions to assist clients in maintaining peace where situations get heated.

Our riot teams have been trained and have the knowledge and capability to approach these situations with a sound mind and provide the necessary support to our clients.



The central station is the nerve center of Piquant Security and is manned around the clock with highly trained and competent personnel. A sense of alertness prevails in the central station as the signals received are automatically decoded by the fully computerized system.

All relevant information is displayed on a computer screen if an incident should occur, immediate reaction is required from the controller, and no incident can be finalized on the system without extensive feedback being fed into it.