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fake hermes belt women’s I never quit my job.’Would you be able to go to work and function if your child was on life support?’The manager then responded: ‘Yes I would, I still have bills to pay.’We don’t get to come and go as we please at Folk Oil. I have a store to run and that’s my focus,’ the manager added.RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 NextMusic festival doctor told mother her 18 year old son’s rash. ‘She was sent home to die’: Family’s anger after daughter,.Fisher’s Facebook post has been shared more than 71,000 times, and since it went viral the manager has been fired.On Sunday, PS Food Mart released a statement saying that the manager’s actions were ‘not acceptable’.’We are investigating the situation and will make sure that it is resolved quickly and thoroughly.’We have already been in contact with our employee and replica hermes kelly handbags have communicated our support and assurance that she will be allowed any time off needed,’ the statement read.Jason (pictured with his mother) is still on life support as he continues to recover from his illnessFisher also said that she likes working for PS Food Mart (pictured) and has no ill feelings toward the company’We are sympathetic to anyone, especially our employees that have a loved one in the hospital,’ the company added.On Monday morning, the company announced that the manager had been fired.’We investigated and have found that the situation was handled improperly and without the compassion that we value as a company fake hermes belt women’s.

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