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About us

Piquant Security was established in 1996 to provide for security needs, primarily in the Gauteng region. Piquant Security offers each and every client an individually designed security package to serve their needs. Since we understand the ever-growing strains on business relations places by the current South African social-economic environment, we ensure efficient and reliable security service of international standards.

Few South Africans need to be reminded that our country is one of the most identified crime-ridden countries in the world. In addition, for various political and social-economic reasons, the outlook for meaningful improvement does not appear positive.

One of the consequences is that institutions and businesses are forced to implement substantial independent safety and security measures to safeguard their personnel, customers and assets.

Extensive research done by our security analysts will ensure that we fulfil your security needs in all aspects.

Piquant Security is committed to providing the best value-for-money guarding service in line with the specific security requirements of our clients.

We achieve this by

  • Conducting a pre-commencement of service audit assessing client requirements.
  • Ensuring that our understanding of your specific needs and requirements are in line with your expectations.
  • Recruiting suitable licensed staff, with the required skill set to execute the agreed security duties to agreed standards.
  • Ensuring that all staff entrusted with your assignment, have received site-specific training.
  • Encouraging and motivating all staff with an attractive package including job security and development prospects.
  • Supporting our frontline service delivery staff with strong local management.
  • Utilizing whatever technical resources that may be available on the ground in support of the manned services in order that we may optimize the security for our clients.
  • Doing regular criminal checks on our staff members.

Piquant Security achievements can be attributed to

  • Extensive and comprehensive recruitment/selection and training programs.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in the markets of operation.
  • Total commitment by our staff and management to customer needs and satisfaction.

Outstanding achievements by Piquant Security

  • Fundamental market growth and goodwill.
  • A stable and harmonious working environment, reflected by a relatively low staff turnover in a turbulent industry environment.
  • The customer base of Piquant Security has been around for more than fifteen years, the reason for this is our customers are satisfied with the systems that the company has and how each system is promoted or adapted regularly.
  • We have no limits to our services. We believe that there is no buffer to the company’s ability. Nothing is beyond our limits.

To provide the highest possible standard of professional service in the market for existing and prospective clients through total management and workers commitment. Piquant Security Mission Statement