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Ysl replica Where you can watch University Boat Race: including TV details, top viewing spots or in CambridgeWhether you want to see it live, at home or in the pub, we’ve got you covered for the best way to watch the 2018 Oxford v Cambridge Boat RaceGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailIt is nearly time for the annual University boat race between Cambridge and Oxford.The Women’s race starts at 4.31pm, the Men’s at 5.32pm, with coverage beginning on on BBC1 at 3.50pm.This year’s race takes place on Saturday March 24, when ysl polo replica two crews from each university take to the Thames to battle it out over a gruelling four mile course.(Image: Getty Images)The Cambridge men are hoping to redeem themselves from their loss last year, while the women’s team are hoping for a second consecutive win after the surprise defeat of their Oxford counterparts last year.If you’re looking to cheer on the Light Blues you’ve got plenty ysl bag replica high quality of options.Best fake ysl tassel bag places to watch The Boat Race in London There are plenty of places to watch along the route if you want to go along. Is where it all starts from and spectators can quickly make their way to nearby Bishop’s Park, where the rest of the racing will be shown on a big screen. Nearest Tube/rail station:.A spot in front of the boathouses on Putney Embankment is a good place to catch the early stages, while Hammersmith Bridge provides great views of the crews as they come around the Surrey bend and head towards Chiswick Eyot. Ysl replica

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